never stop walking


dad just said “there should be a netflix for books”

five minutes later he shouted “THE LIBRARY”

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Sheldon explaining fandom life

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So there’s a really tense moment in Supernatural.

Dean enters an orchard in which we previously saw people being brutally murdered by a creepy ass scarecrow.

Alone, he walks up to that same scarecrow. He looks it in the eyes, we know what it’s capable of and the sort of things it’s done. There’s tense music, Dean is in danger.

Then this happens

And that, ladies and gentlemen, pretty much sums up the entire show.

i cant believe this is a real show

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"Mickey, have a seat, man. No one gives a shit who you bang."

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What scientists say in research papers vs. What they actually mean (via io9).

I shouldn’t be laughing this hard.

Yes. This is good.

Omg it’s like my college career staring right at me.

My thesis, ladies and gents.

My research paper will probably encompass all these terms.

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I’ve been staying at Ian’s since you’ve been in the can, bitch. Guess what we’ve been doing, daddy! We’ve been fucking. And I take it. He gives it to me good and hard and I fucking like it…fuck you! I suck his dick! I fucking love it!

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Ian x Mickey + Happiness

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Well, that wasn’t very subtle.

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Gentlemen, I’m Agent Carter. I supervise all the operations for this division.

Can we please talk about Steve’s snicker in the last gif?

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Mickey Milkovich + being annoyed with your shit

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∞ favourite Shameless scenes: Kev and V’s fake wedding

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